Hi Previewers,

We have updated our Rules & FAQs Page. Here are are a few of them.

18. My Video views is not counting and so is my earnings?

Ans : Please note that in order for your video to count as watched you have to click the ”NEXT” button. Also note again that you only earn when you watch a sponsored video advert.

19. How do i start earning ?

Ans: To start earning on perviewpays.com you need to first SIGN-UP then LOGIN to your perviewpays account and click the ”Play” icon on a video to begin. Please note that you must watch a video till the end and press the ”NEXT” button that appears for the video to count as viewed and also for you to earn when the video is a sponsored video.

20. Can i login on both my phone, PC and tab at the same time?

Ans: No, you can’t. Users must first Log out from one device and log in to the other device if they want their videos watched and earnings to count. If you attempt to log in to the same account on multiple device at the same time and are caught by our systems, you will be banned or suspended without notifications.

21. Do i earn from watching videos on perviewpays instagram or facebook page?

Ans: No you don’t. You only earn when you watch videos on our platform at perviewpays.com

22. I placed an advert but it is not yet up, Why?

Ans: Advert contents go live on our website after 24hrs of confirming content collection and ad payment. Please be patient as a member of our media team will send you your advert performance tracking link via whats-app .

23. How can i watch more sponsored/ad videos than entertainment?

Ans: Videos are randomly generated by our systems so there’s no way to watch only sponsored videos.

24. I have referred people to sign up but they are not adding to my earnings?

Ans: While logged into your Perviewpays account, please click on earnings from referrals to view your accumulated earnings from referrals

25. How do i request payouts ?

Ans: To request payout you must first be eligible by reaching the minimum payout balance of 1,500 naira. When eligible, simply click on request payout and your payout will be processed directly to the bank account provided. Please note that we make a deduction of 105 Naira from your perviewpays earnings to cover for bank charges and other statutory bills.

You can visit the page on www.perviewpays.com/perviewpays-faqs.



  1. Such a nice platform form, i really hope the payout is real because it’s the only way to convince more people to join the platform.
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