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Advert Placement Procedures & Specifications

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Please Note

  • Video/Audio/Image Advert details are to be provided by the advertiser and are to be sent to media@perviewpays.com
  • Advert Content can be images (JPEG,PNG) or GIF formats and will be converted by our media team to a suitable video format for free.
  • Video adverts should not be more than one minute long.
  • Video/Audio/Image Adverts will be posted within 24hrs of receiving advert contents and payment confirmation.
  • Image adverts placed as video views adverts will be displayed as static adverts until the 59seconds dedication to video ads is complete
  • Written adverts for Newsreel Ads must not be more than 300 words long.
  • Fixed/static banner adverts may be in form of Gifs or Jpeg, jpg, png Image formats.
  • Advertisers will be sent an Ad Tracking link to monitor their advert's performance after successfully placing their ad on our platform.

Note: Perviewpay.com Limited may also be involved in video adverts creation, script writing, animations or skits for advertisers at an extra charge based on prevailing adverts creation rates. To have us create your video please click Let's Create Your Advert For You and we'll be in touch shortly.