I've been looking for an app like this for a long time and now it's finally here. Great!

Gift Adams

My Videopoint used to be a mess but now it's very easy for me to manage them with Perviewpays App.

Opeyemi Ade

In my opinion I Definitely think this app should get a 5 star rating. .

Samuel Obi

There was so much thought and creativity put into this app. It's so special in its own way.

Senegal Zandesk

I recommend Perviewpays mobile app to anyone looking to improve their finances and Entertainment status.

Tega Ophie

Why didn't I find this app sooner. My life is now much easier thanks to Perviewpay mobile app.

Tolulope Adeleke


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1Download And Configure The App On Your Smartphone

It's very easy to find and install Perviewpay on your smartphone. Just browse through the top downloaded apps on the Apple or Android marketplace. Click on Install App and voila you're done.

Watching video and Earning money is made possible with our very own patented observer algorithm and it will allow you to monitor in real-time any changes to your finance and Videopoint.

Earn money in really easy ways. The idea is to create brand awareness for advertisers while rewarding you on the time spent to check out various brand's videos that our clients posts on our platform


Improve Finances Control

perviewpays.com is the fastest growing video blogging platform that pays its users on viewership. Earn big daily and also get entertained when you actively use our mobile app. Place adverts for as low as 1000 naira and get others to view and know your brand, business, music etc. Join Africa's growing video community today.

When was the last time you thought about how to save money
perviewpay can help you cut expenditures down and raise income

Start Enjoying Better Health

Keeping up at work and all that self-development reading in your leisure time can take a toll on your health. User perviewpay's exercise recommendations to keep a good health status which allows you to function at 100%.

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